Portable power for your outdoor activities

Power is a precious commodity, especially if you’re out in the middle of nowhere. We strive to provide solutions for anyone who may find themselves without the ability to rely on the power grid for their electricity. We focus on portable devices because when everything else is gone, being able to call for help from wherever you are can be the difference between life and death.


Lightweight and robust, our recreational power solutions are designed to give you the extra power needed when your close to the grid but not ready to come indoors and plug into a conventional outlet.


When the adventure takes you off trail, reach for our exploration power solutions. Built for the backpack, they are light enough to carry on-the-go, but pack enough energy to charge USB devices and laptop computers.


Whether you need to generate power when no grid is within sight, our professional power solutions are designed to provide access to power during multi-day excursions where the need to power energy-intensive or conventional devices is necessary.

Our power packs charge a wide range of devices.



Our Compact class of products are perfect for charging devices with low-power needs such as cell phones, mp3 players, headlamps, and more.



Our Mid-Size class of products are perfect for charging devices with low or medium power needs such as tablets, laptops, DSLR cameras and more.



Our Heavy-Duty class of products are perfect for charging devices with low, medium, or high power requirements such as TVs, small refrigerators and more.

Collect during the day.
Charge at night.

Collect power to run your device or to store power in a Power Pack for later. Solar power recharging kits of all sizes that can recharge electronics and appliances from smartphones and laptops to TVs and refrigerators.

Portable power systems

As advances in consumer electronics help outdoor enthusiasts answer the call to adventure, Pronavitas is committed to making sure these devices are charged. From charging mobile devices to powering an entire campsite our goal is simple: to deliver portable power solutions that allow you to stay outdoor longer.