The Advantages and Safety of Mastervolt LiIon Batteries

Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries bring two things on top of a selection of the finest Lithium-iron phosphate cells: a sturdy, waterproof housing and the best Battery Management System (BMS). They can fast recharge in an hour, and deep cycle (up to 80 % discharge) 2000 times without damage, which is three times longer than lead acid.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus – Portable Solar Just Got Smarter

Reengineered to be smarter and lighter, the Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel from Goal Zero has the innovative technology to charge USB devices directly from the sun.

Top 5 Backcountry Gadgets

Gadgets in the backcountry? There are those that will say that technology doesn’t belong in the wilderness and that the whole point of getting out there is to get away from it. While we agree that it’s good to unplug and get back to basics, there are definitely outdoor adventures that can benefit from a few small pieces of gear. Here are our top 5: