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The solar opportunity

Solar radiation is arguably the most plentiful source of energy available on our planet. Solar electric power generation is clean, renewable, flexible, scalable and can be deployed relatively quickly to help meet increasing demand.

Compared with other renewable sources of energy, solar PV is quick to deploy. A utility-scale solar PV plant may take 1.5 years to develop as compared with an average of two years for onshore wind and up to seven years for a geothermal power plant, according to IHS Emerging Energy Research.

However, solar energy is not without challenges.

Diversified Approach

We handle the deployment of photovoltaic projects, ranging from residential systems of a few kilowatts to utility-scale projects measured in mega-watts.

Our product and service portfolio enables us to offer customers a true “one-stop” solution that includes integrated design, faster deployment and lower system costs.

Integrated design

Integrated design gives Pronavitas the ability to drive closed loop feedback into every step of the process. Through continuous learning and improvement we consistently deliver high-quality, energy solutions.

Project development

Project development is essential to creating valuable power plant assets and includes activities prior to construction:

securing a power purchase agreement (PPA),
establishing site control,
project permitting,
plant design,
predicting energy yields,
financial modelling.

Project financing

We will guide you through the process of financing your project:

financial analysis
credit application support
identifying investment partners


As EPC contractor we will be primarily responsible for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the plant. This includes:

selecting the suppliers of solar modules, inverters and other key items of equipment,
finalising and underwriting the final design,
plant construction.

Operation & Management

We outsource the day-to-day running of the solar PV plants to experienced local providers which guarantee plant availability and performance ratio.

Our experienced in-house Asset Management team drives performance through real-time monitoring and issue detection, pro-active management of the O&M.

Solar power plants for utilities

At Pronavitas, we believe that sustainable investments are powered by partnerships. We see the world from the perspective of our customers: The solutions we provide are driven by the benefits they deliver and achieve the best long-term returns.